Presentation Submissions

Submissions have now closed.

Demonstration and presentation submissions for the 2017 conference covered the following topics:

  • software tools and solutions for research.
  • best practices for research software engineering
  • building sustainable and performant code for production systems.
  • visualisation and delivery systems.
  • workflow solutions for research.
  • community and training approaches and programmes.
  • career development, rewards and recognition.
  • organisational learnings.


Last year many attendees said that they would be interested in workshop-style sessions where they can spend a little more time learning about new technologies. In response to this, for the 2017 conference we are extending our submissions to include Demonstrations.  The style in which you want to deliver a Demonstration, from in-depth presentation through to hands-on workshop, is up to you.  Please indicate the estimated time required on your submission.

We would be more than happy to discuss your demonstration idea with you in more detail before you make a submission if this would be helpful. Please just email



Should you wish to present a 15 minute talk at this conference, please complete the following section:


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Abstract (no more than 300 words):


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